Artist Commission: Magdalena Morey

For our 5X10 celebrations we have commissioned five artists to create individual art pieces which are inspired by aspects of our work.

Magdalena Morey’s abstract landscapes are inspired by the colours and textures that surround us. She uses a range of media techniques; textures are built up from multiple layers of acrylics, watercolours, pastels and often gold leaf. Our work is often inspired by location and context and it is this aspect of our work that Magdalena will explore.

Our 5X10 celebrations embrace art, charity and community. Art is very much woven into what we do as architects, town planners and interior designers; we wanted to further explore this symbiotic relationship. Our five commissioned artists are Paul Catherall, Richard McVetis, Evy Meehan, Magdalena Morey and Helen Shulkin.