Summer Festival Celebration

JUNE 2018

Our summer party this year, Rolfe Juddstock, was a fabulous festival evening of music, love and peace to celebrate the fifty glorious years since David Rolfe and Tony Judd founded the practice. We thought the sixties theme was fitting and we all had a lot of fun dressing up, or down, depending on how you look at it.

Our Warsaw and Katowice teams travelled over from Poland and we were joined by some of our former colleagues. We were delighted that Tony Judd was able to join us and David Rolfe sent a telegram message from his holiday villa: “very very proud you are building good stuff in the RJ name, never forget that until your vision draws the first line, nothing happens”.

A part of the celebrations was a journey down memory lane; Jonathan Carter looked at the early days of the practice through to where we are now. Tony Judd and Don Hands, who was one of the early partners, added their warm words of pride.

The evening finished with two unmissable acts: Hannah and the Buoys, featuring Jonathan on the penny whistle and Triggerfish with Steve Harvey on drums.