Surface Design Show 2024

  • Category: News
  • Date Published: 8th February 2024
Held at the Business Design Centre in Angel, the Surface Design Show brings together a variety of disciplines, materials and vendors all under one roof in a celebration of tactility and design.

This year’s theme of ‘Mindful Living‘ showcased a vast number of companies exploring how materials emotionally impact us as well as how companies like Polygood, PaperStone or Kava work towards more sustainable production and use of these materials within interior and architectural design.

This shift in how materials are used could have interesting implications for architecture in the future as designers work on new materials to build homes that are cost effective, sustainable and futureproofed. Anzen Smart Walls creates blocks filled with straw and mycelium (mushrooms), that grow and bind to become solid structures generating a entirely new way of building homes. CEO Dhruv Shau described how a 2 bedroom home could cost just £1500 to construct.

At Rolfe Judd, our use and understanding of the importance of materials and tactility within our designs, both interior exterior, is something we explore across a multitude of projects. Focused on facades to amplify our designs, it is interesting to see what future buildings could look like.