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Bake For Ukraine

Rolfe Judd have organized another Bake for Ukraine to raise money to help our colleagues of the Polish offices who are making an enormous effort to help as many people as possible in their neighbouring Ukraine.

Rolfe Judd Poland has been collaborating with the pentecostal church in Będzin, Poland and its pastor Arkadiusz Wnękto to be able to shelter Ukrainian refugees.

Since the beginning of the brutal Russian aggression, they have hosted more than 100 women and children. Some have stayed for a short while before continuing further, whilst others have been staying at the shelter for more than three months now.

The church provides food and shelter and helps them to organize their lives in Poland. Most women have found work and all children go to schools or kindergartens. Our donations have helped them to pay bills and buy much needed supplies.

Rolfe Judd will continue to support them as much as we can and encourage everyone to help the numerous organisations working to help Ukranian people during this horrible situation.

June 2022