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British Council Office Awards 2022

We are very excited for our project One Victoria Street to have been Highly Commended at the BCO Awards.

This new office building is set within the diverse historic streetscape of Windsor Town Centre Conservation Area, counting amongst its neighbours the Grade I Listed Windsor Castle and immediately adjacent Victoria Barracks, home of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, who parade daily past the building for the changing of the castle guards.

As the first major office development in Windsor for some years, the design has been thoughtfully developed to respect its historic setting yet simultaneously create a beautifully-crafted modern building. The scheme evolved from a detailed contextual analysis of the site’s varied traditional context. The elevations draw on the rhythm of surrounding plot widths and storey heights, along with pronounced set-backs to further break down the form to sit comfortably in its surroundings.

The use of traditional handset bricks with a mixture of light and dark tones along with soldier courses to window heads bring a domestic character to the base of the scheme. A hierarchy of window openings has been established through the careful positioning of window sills and spandrel panels in keeping with the local context.

This solid brick base is capped by the third floor metal rain screen clad façades that take a more contemporary approach to the surrounding pitched slate and standing seam mansard roofscapes.

The upper most storey ‘glass box’ sits lightly atop this, set far back from the main façade plane such that it is not perceived from much of the street level. This also provides opportunity for generous roof terraces which offer valuable external amenity space for the office workers, with excellent views of Windsor Castle, The Long Walk and the wider Great Park.

The ‘Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green’ energy hierarchy was adopted in establishing the sustainability strategy for the development. Passive design measures were utilised to optimise the energy use of the building. These included the specification of thermally efficient facades and maximising glazing ratio to reduce reliance on artificial lighting, whilst in the case of the fourth floor providing bespoke deep curtain walling fins and opaque panels to limit the detrimental impact associated with excessive solar gains.

The mechanical and electrical systems have all been selected to be highly efficient and PV panels have been incorporated on the roof. Planting has been provided in the form of Green Roofs, extensive terrace planters and street level landscaping to enhance the biodiversity of the site.

The completion of the One Victoria Street scheme brings new opportunities to this historic town whilst respecting its character and offering excellent wellbeing facilities to the future occupants. British Council for Offices has been able to recognize this by this High Commend.

Contact: Steve HarveyThomas Futcher

Client: Legal & General

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May 2022