Building London Planning Awards

We are delighted to see that Woodberry Down Phase 2 has been shortlisted for the Building London Planning Awards 2022.

This is a project we have been involved in since the design phase, along with Fletcher Priest Architects and Townshend Landscape Architects.

It will deliver 670 new homes as part of the award-winning Woodberry Down Regeneration project.

Spring Park is at the centre and has been meticulously designed to incorporate the needs and requirements of existing and future residents, with subtly delineated play areas and open green space. It also serves to create strong connections both within the development and to the periphery of the scheme.

The delivery of Woodberry Down phase 2 will provide the largest green public open space on the development as well as an attractive setting for high quality residential buildings, delivering a wide range of tenures.

The second phase brings active frontages back to Woodberry Down Road and the impressive views of the New River and West Reservoir are framed by the architecture to ensure they penetrate to the heart of the development.

The benefits associated with the delivery of this phase of the regeneration of Woodberry Down will be significant and will further enhance the development as a place to live and to enjoy.

April 2022