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Garston Park

We were approached by Fairview Homes to develop a sensitive architectural and commercial solution for a bus garage site adjacent to Garston Park.

Concept Sketches

Concept Sketches

The sites planning history was complicated. Rolfe Judd began by assessing the detail contained in a previous consultation, planning and inspector commentary. We worked with the clients engineers and Cameo & Partners to develop proposals that listened and balanced feedback from various stakeholders.

The landscaping zones and routes through the site to Garston Park shaped the sites layout.

The new proposals character draws on some of the more identifiable features of the original form and fenestration of the 1950’s bus garage building. Reinterpreting the language in two strong but expressive mansion buildings of their time. At the heart of the site a smaller terrace looks to mirror the urban grain of the suburban houses that surround Garston Park.

The scheme design was developed alongside the councils design and case officer who had a detailed understanding of the sites planning history and we engaged with Frame who were supportive of the scheme design. We believe the design of the Garston Park development is an illustration of our ability to listen, respond and blend stakeholder views, aspirations and needs to create a fantastic place for communities to live and play.


Contact: Jason Rudolph, Angus Drummond, Alejandro Penalver Munita

Client: Fairview Homes

October 2021