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Help To Ukraine

Rolfe Judd’s staff, like most people have been following the heart-breaking news coming from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

As many of you may know, we have two offices in Poland, close neighbours of Ukraine, and a key country for Ukrainians to escape to from the horror of their hometowns.

Our Team have been helping as much as they can over last few weeks, supporting various organizations, helping friends who took care of refugees and welcomed refugees in their own homes.

Rolfe Judd Poland started taking initiatives in March, which includes Baking Wednesdays, to raise money for charities helping Ukrainian refugees. This was soon followed by the London office and supported by Rolfe Judd’s board. So far, together we have raised more than £3500 and we aim to continue.

Funds raised have been allocated to help in many different ways, examples are:

  • Buying of most needed medications and shipping them to Ukraine – in cooperation with local pharmacist
  • Supporting (via donations) two charity organizations in Katowice area, who are currently helping approx. 100 of refugees
  • Suppling food and other goods to refugees plus equipment, games, and toys for children accommodated in medical school in Bytom.

We encourage everyone to support Ukraine donating money to

April 2022