Illuminated Artwork Proposal by Artist Andrew Bick


To increase the street presence of the entrance to the shopping arcade, the refurbishment plans for Princes House on Piccadilly include a new canopy designed by the artist, Andrew Bick.

The Grade II listed building will feature a work with transient and light saturated grid referencing the development of Bick’s use of repeated and layered grids in his painting. They combine contemporary art sympathetically with a historic building, which was once home for the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. The piece also reflects the association of the area with menswear, sartorial elegance and more recently cutting edge visual art.

The passage of light through the canopy projects intriguing and complex shadows on to the pavement

“The piece would subtly dissolve in to the building’s general features in muted daylight; be strongly visible as shadow and colour in sunlight; and then provide a dynamic asymmetrical grid under carefully designed artificial lighting when seen at night. In this way it echoes fundamental principles of architecture by both animating and being animated by light, space and movement.”
Andrew Bick