Kingly Street Shortlisted for BCO Award

Kingly Street is shortlisted for a BCO Award, the project represents a significant phase in the ongoing revitalisation of Carnaby village by Shaftesbury.

The area, with its own bespoke mix of uses and a unique community spirit, was once the fashion centre of 1960’s culture, by the late 1980’s it had become a shadow of its former self. The ‘L’ shaped site occupies a tight urban area enclosed on all sides except for two street elevations, one to Kingly Street and the other Foubert’s Place.

The welcoming reception area provides a clear route to the upper office floors

Kingly Street is wide, grande and robust in nature and the design is a bold response. It accommodates the access to offices and restaurant unit. The simple brick façade of the elevation is complemented by the eye catching mix of green and blue ceramics that drenches the street, creating a refreshing and welcoming ambiance.

The development has been the catalyst for significant public realm enhancement, notably the complete remodelling of Kingly Street as a shared-space pedestrian priority zone.