Our Design Approach for Harbour Central

The Harbour Central development for Galliard Homes will provide over 900 new homes across a range of buildings. Located just south of Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs the design approach is one which considers neighbouring communities.

Four tall residential buildings, two lower rise residential buildings and a six storey leisure facility are placed around two contrasting open spaces. These comprise a residential garden and an attractive public square. The gardens which are adjacent to the play area are designed for causal community and family use. In contrast, the new public square is larger more civic design with a central water feature, casual seating and commercial frontages.

Buildings are placed around two contrasting open spaces

A new pedestrian route linking neighbouring residential areas to the south with transport connections and future developments to the north is an essential component. Also important is a new street to the northern perimeter of the site which gives priority to pedestrians. The resulting active retail frontages provide connection through to the square.

“It has been a personal privilege to be involved with Harbour Central from conception through construction and towards completion. The journey from felt tip pen sketches through advanced BIM technology, complex site logistics and ultimately to residents making their first memories in their new home, is challenging and rewarding.”
Andrew Long, Director, Rolfe Judd

The new public square is a focal point for the development

Maine Tower is the 42 storey marker building; its distinctive form sits centrally to the south of the site between the open spaces. The cubic expression of the façade is an arrangement of ‘pods’ which punctuate the verticality of the building. This conceptual approach was inspired by the stalks of wheat which were once stored on the site. As a counterpart the design is echoed in the smallest tower which is adjacent.

To the north the lower buildings feature colourful façades facing the new street, future school and park. The east and west buildings have a more vertical emphasis with tactile coloured cladding within recessed balconies.

The cubic expression of Maine tower façade design is echoed in its smaller counterpart

The development is predominantly residential on the upper floor levels with ground floor retail facing the public square and key routes. New homes provide a mix of tenures which include private sale, affordable provision with Genesis and PRS units to be operated by Greystar. Apartments are designed to minimise overlooking and maximise views and daylight.

Uniting the development and providing a focal point is the new public square with a design to encourage activity at street level. Overall this new space is seemingly extended by a large colonnade to the base of Maine Tower.