Jaśminowy Mokotów housing estate, Stage II has been shortlisted in the PLGBC Green Building Awards 2021, in the Best Ecological Multi-Family Housing Development category.

PLGBC / Polish Green Building Council is the organizer of the one-of-a-kind national Green Building Awards competition, promoting the most sustainable schemes in Poland, and awarding buildings of high architectural value, related to ecological construction and sustainable development.

A distinction in the category of The Best Ecological Multi-Family Housing Development was awarded for creating an intimate and functional building in harmony with the existing surroundings and energy-saving solutions.

The Jaśminowy Mokotów II scheme was conceived and executed with respect for nature and the entire construction was powered by wind energy. Paying extra attention to waste management, recycling and reusing over 99% of it; the residences’ lifts are equipped with an energy recovery system NS and approx. 80 trees and over 10,000 bushes were planted as part of the landscaping of the scheme.

Contact: Michał Sęczkowski, Michal Affanasowicz

Client | Skanska Residential Development Poland Sp. z o.o.

October 2021