Proposals approved for Marsh Wall tower in Docklands


Proposals for a 41 storey tower with linked 16 storey tower in Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs have been approved by Tower Hamlets. The site is just south of Canary Wharf and will deliver 216 new homes, of which 36% are affordable.

The design for Freshwater Group is one that connects and communicates, the towers converse with each other and with the immediate surroundings. An earlier design was revised, following consultation with residents, to connect in scale with the neighbours to the south of the site. Heights were altered to blend with the large scale commercial buildings which characterise the skyline of Canary Wharf to the north with the smaller scale residential buildings to the south. Marsh Wall bridges the transition between the two areas, responding to both scales with its dramatically different tower heights in separate but related forms.


The plan arrangement offsets the towers from each other, continuing the conversation and introducing a link element which contains a series of elongated, double aspect living spaces, a gym at ground floor level and roof garden above. The development also contains further green spaces, retail and commercial use and a new public walkway. The rotated forms respond to the pavement edges of Marsh Wall and Byng Street to the south and allow for active frontages as well as public and private green space.