Street Murals Will Add Dynamism to Graffit’s Interior

JULY 2018

The spacious, glazed reception areas for the new Graffit office building in Warsaw will feature striking internal ‘street’ murals, created by Daniel Kaliński Chazme 718 and Robert Proch. The art injects a colourful dynamism to the interior, creating expressive spaces to compliment the architecture and the location.

Both artists and the team of architects worked together from the outset on the concept which had a particular focus on the composition, positioning and content. The building design blends the boundary of the exterior and interior with referenced finishes and a light filled dynamic form. Internal murals are carefully placed to invite and guide movement through the common areas.

“In the narrative sphere, the murals presents a dynamic human movement – human relations and architecture. By combining a figurative part with elements of contemporary architecture, we tried to refer to the modern nature of the building’s interiors as well as the dynamic activity in it that plays out.”

Daniel Kaliński Chazme 718, co-author of the mural

Inspiration for murals came from the dynamics of the city and it’s inhabitants

Daniel Kaliński Chazme 718  is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Warsaw University of Technology. He then chose painting instead of architecture and has subsequently gained recognition in Poland, Europe and the US. As well as creating street art, Daniel is also an illustrator, painter and graphic designer. His art combines elements of urban art with architectural and geometric motifs. Instagram: chazme718

Robert Proch is a painter, muralist and animator with a distinctive, unique language of artistic expression. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland and his art is characterized by vivid colors, dynamism and emotion. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe and also in the US. Instagram: prochrobert