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The Bale

The “Bale” was designed as a link building between the Maine Tower and Sailmakers Rental Apartments at Harbour Central. The six storey leisure facility is placed around two contrasting open spaces: a residential garden and an attractive public square.

In looking for inspiration, as we often do, we delved into the history of the area. Originally the Site contained major industrial buildings supported by its location adjacent to the docks. The dock was historically a busy area, which was used for the loading and unloading of heavy objects that were delivered on large ships.

Our concept developed from the idea of floating bundles suspended by cranes and these bundles became the inspiration behind the design which emerged and formed into the idea of a “Bale”.

Evolving the concept

The diagram below shows the evolution from a pure form, split from the surrounding buildings, to distance the object from the surrounding built context.

The emerging design is of a translucent glass box visually held between two residential buildings. The connections are recessed metal panels to separate the glass box from the surrounding elements. The resultant composition is a visually floating bundle, known as the “Bale”.

The Bale is designed as a public benefit, providing a gym available to all who live or work in the area.

Client: Galliard Homes Limited

Contact: Andrew LongCharles GrahamRupert AndersonDorota Knet

February 2022