Eleni Zotou

Eleni has launched her professional career designing and delivering a wide range of Pre-planning and Planning applications for new developments, and architectural competitions in London, Paris, and Athens. Apart from successful applications for large residential schemes, and feasibility studies for modular construction projects, she is currently working on office renovations in central London.

Eleni has gained experience in a combination of mixed-use, private, and affordable residential developments, as well as detailed and bespoke design for commercial projects. Her ability to foresee and provide invaluable insight in the very beginning of the project, allows for smooth design development in later stages.

Much of Eleni’s work is complex. She manages to divide her expertise between 600-unit projects, like Mitcham Gasworks, smaller renovation office developments, like 33 Kingsway, and her daily client facing responsibilities. She has collaborated with various consultants and has mentored and supported younger members of the Rolfe Judd family.

Eleni studied at the University of Thessaly, School of Architecture in Greece, graduating in 2018 with a Master’s in Architectural Engineering. She registered with the ARB in 2019, and will join RIBA in 2023. She joined Rolfe Judd as an architectural assistant in 2022, and was promoted to architect in the same year.

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