Ian Greves

Main Board Director

BA(Hons) DipArch ARB RIBA


DD: 020 7556 1515

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Ian is a main board director at Rolfe Judd and has over 30 years experience of the built environment. He is well versed in all aspects of the architectural process from project set-up to developing project strategy with an eye on seeking best value at all stages of development. His hands-on approach and strategic skillset means he can give sound architectural development advice and is particularly practiced in understanding client requirements.

Ian has provided leadership on a large variety of property types, sizes and locations with particular emphasis on high value commercial and residential redevelopment in central and south London. Key projects in the City include the major office refurbishment and remodelling of 5 Cheapside, which sits next to St Paul’s Cathedral, and two office developments which are adjacent to each other on Holborn Viaduct.

In the West End, Ian has led the mixed-use scheme at New Bond Street and the complex development with facade retentions at Cork Street Mews. Major residential developments include East Walls in Chichester and the conversion of a school to form Mary Datchelor House.

Following training at the Brighton School of Architecture Ian joined Rolfe Judd in 1985, became an associate in 1989 and main board director in 1994. He has an overview across all of the group activity and is a board member of both Rolfe Judd Architecture and Rolfe Judd Planning, in addition he has responsibility for Rolfe Judd Poland and Rolfe Judd Interiors.