Shakespeare Road

Shakespeare Road is a new and exciting higher density residential-led scheme that’s located within the London Borough of Lambeth, for Urban Provincial.

The innovative scheme seeks to redevelop an existing safeguarded waste site into new high quality housing alongside substantial new public realm and urban greening. The approved planning application details demolition of the existing buildings, construction of three separate plots comprising of 218 residential units of which 35% will be affordable.

The architecture and materiality of the proposals were inspired by the rich history of the site and thorough analysis of the existing context. Recessive, brick textured facades respond in colour to the immediate surroundings with metal infill panels and setbacks referencing the railway and coal yard history.

Detailed analysis, evaluation and an iterative design review has shaped and defined the optimised, sustainable, and inclusive ‘car free’ proposal. The same architectural quality and treatment applies to all buildings ensuring the development is truly tenure blind.

The design, massing, and architectural quality demonstrates a well-considered residential scheme that incorporates numerous factors to promote sustainability.

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