Woodberry Down

Woodberry Down is a hugely significant long-term project that is transforming a prominent district of inner North London. Large areas of housing that had become unfit for purpose are being sequentially replaced by an entirely new built environment, integrated into a stunning natural landscape of immense ecological and community value.

Rolfe Judd has been involved in Woodberry Down since 2006. Our architects and planning consultants have been instrumental in the development of Woodberry Down and have designed and delivered on every phase of the Masterplan.

As one of the few practices in London with the experience and skills to deliver such a complex inner city regeneration project, Rolfe Judd is proud to be playing a pivotal role in the rebirth of Woodberry Down. This brochure presents the story of Woodberry Down and highlights Rolfe Judd’s involvement in giving expression to its ambition

Now, more than at any time in the past, is the time for large urban regeneration schemes such as Woodberry Down to make a bold statement in support of sustainability and protecting the environment.

In contrast to the post-war estate that is being replaced, nature becomes the defining characteristic of the new development. Take a gentle stroll on a timber boardwalk among head-high reeds, get active on the water, take out the binoculars or simply sit and listen to the birdsong. A life among nature should be a right, not a privilege, and yet it is a right denied to so many.

Woodberry Down, with its green fingers and pathways criss-crossing down to the water, is a dramatic statement that helps to turn the tide. Richly planted spaces through which pedestrian routes curve gently and organically are punctuated by mature trees and natural stone features. Above, balconies offer residents the space to make their own ecological statement, while green and brown roofs provide significant ecological benefits including wildlife habitat, insulation and absorption of swale.

Woodberry Down is one of a growing number of similar projects in which Rolfe Judd has enjoyed involvement over recent years. Our significant and extensive track record, based on the timely delivery of imaginative, relevant and effective architecture and planning expertise, is a considerable asset to any urban regeneration partnership.

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