Leegate Planning Approval

  • Category: News
  • Date Published: 20th July 2023
We are thrilled to announce that we have just received planning consent for the transformative Leegate Centre development in Lee Green, Lewisham.
This transformative project will deliver 562 new homes, including 36% affordable housing, ensuring a rich and vibrant mix of residents. This regeneration will not only transform Leegate Centre into a thriving neighbourhood but will also preserve its distinct character, paying homage to its urban and historic setting.

Our vision and objective for this scheme are clear: to create a new, distinctive urban quarter right at the heart of Lee Green, bringing much-needed investment and new homes to the area. This development will breathe new life into an outdated and largely impermeable site, connecting various spaces and focusing on the creation of a stunning Central Square. The result is a vibrant and dynamic environment that adds vitality to the Lee Green District Centre.

Our ambitions extend beyond a well-designed and interconnected regeneration scheme. We aim to truly transform the immediate vicinity and kickstart a wider regeneration project for the Lee Green District Centre. The new Central Square will serve as a magnificent centrepiece for the Leegate Centre, supported by a dynamic ground floor strategy. This strategy will foster a rich variety of uses and activities, ensuring a vibrant and enjoyable space for residents and businesses alike.

We are very excited for the next steps of this transformative journey, and we would like to express our gratitude to the local community, stakeholders, and planning authorities for their support and collaboration throughout the planning process.

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