Rolfe Judd is committed to ensuring everything we do is ethical, responsible and makes a positive difference to our workplace, the projects we undertake and the wider environment and communities we engage with.

How we act must meet the following three cornerstone principles:

  • Environmental: Preserving our world for future generations
  • Social: Consideration of wellbeing and ensuring inclusivity and opportunities for all
  • Governance: Taking responsible and rigorous management decisions


As linked architectural and planning practices we understand that what we do is at the forefront of climate change. The built environment has been historically one of the largest contributors in the generation of carbon dioxide in our environment and development has resulted in loss of important biodiverse habitats and impacted on water management.

At Rolfe Judd we are working towards being a Net Zero company and enhancing ecological value at every opportunity within our own building. We have introduced a number of measures to actively promote sustainable travel, improve recycling and reduce energy consumption in our buildings.

Our design and planning processes aim to provide a robust sustainable audit trail so we can account for why decisions have been made. We consider development as an opportunity to deliver the homes, jobs and facilities future generations need but that this can be achieved with sustainable objectives underpinning this. We design and plan our projects to ensure energy consumption is minimised and schemes strengthen resilience to flooding and enhance biodiversity where possible. Rolfe Judd appreciate that successful development is as much about the spaces that lie between as the buildings themselves. Ecological value and sustainable water management can be found at high and low level and the interconnectivity with neighbouring ecological context is a key factor for design terraces, rooftops, pathways and open spaces.

We are assessing whole life cycle carbon and embodied carbon as part of our internal processes and where there is a commitment from clients’ we are working with specialist assessors to analyse quantities and their impact on carbon at each project stage. As we push designs to be better we acknowledge it is not only front end primary decisions that make the difference but also the accumulation of small positive gains has become vitally important too.

We are focused on adhering to commitments we have set out in Architects Declare and the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge. We are a member of the Sustainability Supply Chain School.


We appreciate that our past and future success is shaped by our staff. The working environment for our staff and their physical and mental wellbeing is therefore very important to us. The environment we work in is an expression of our ethos. All three of Rolfe Judd’s offices are located within close proximity to the transport network with ample cycle spaces and shower facilities provided at all three sites to support sustainable forms of travel and promote wellness.

All staff are given regular mentoring with twice yearly reviews aimed at supporting career growth. We have introduced counselling services for staff who may be struggling with mental health concerns.

We actively promote opportunities for continuing professional development and support a range of training courses for staff to allow to develop professional and management skills. We have introduced a number of flexible working measures for women which support and encourage career progression and a number of team members are involved (and encouraged) in wider industry groups promoting women in planning and architecture.

Our core values include a commitment to inclusivity and equality in everything we do as joint architecture and planning companies. This includes the projects we are involved in and the consultant team working on these schemes and how the company is managed and operated. In our projects we are committed to early local engagement, talking to communities to understand how development will benefit and affect them. We will work closely with access organisations to understand the needs of differing groups, including disabled persons, BAME persons and the LGBTQ+ community in the developments we undertake. We are however wishing to do more and are currently looking at the means for positively encouraging greater diversity and inclusiveness within both companies.

We have sought to add social value beyond just our projects and we have worked closely with local schools and local community groups to promote planning and architecture to children and young persons and have provided pro bono advice to support local initiatives.


Rolfe Judd has operated for over 50 years and throughout this time has maintained a robust and rigorous approach to the management of the company. This approach ensures that the company is client focussed, meeting the needs of the varied client base both companies enjoy and that we are flexible to their requirements.

We have remained committed to sustainable growth, ensuring that whilst we invest for the future in both staff and technology, the company remains financially stable and capable of overcoming the peaks and troughs in activity that occur in the property and construction industry. This has meant that we have weathered downturns far better than many of our competitors.

The company has benefited from membership of The Wren, as professional insurers. We are robustly audited on a regular basis in order to ensure that our internal practices and procedures are meeting exacting standards. Any shortcomings in these processes are quickly rectified.

The structure of the company means that we have an experienced number of directors who manage the direction of the company. But we are planning for the future with both sustainable growth and long term succession in senior management very important. An important component of this is to widen diversity within senior management with opportunities to widen diversity within directors and associates.