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AIA UK Award Shortlisting

We are very excited to announce that Carnaby Court, has been shortlisted for a 2020 AIA UK Excellence in Design Award.

Carnaby Court is the second phase of the comprehensive redevelopment for Shaftesbury Plc of the former Carnaby Court Shopping centre in Soho. The project occupies an urban site with two street elevations facing Kingly Street and Foubert’s Place, each responding to their subtly different environment and completes the vision to regenerate this site first started at 36 Carnaby Street.

The vision for Shaftesbury, has been to create a truly mixed-use, high quality development, set within the context of the historic, vibrant heart of The Carnaby Estate, which not only maximises the potential of the site but one which also creates a much more positive contribution to the character of this renowned conservation area.

Kingly Street and Foubert’s Place both sit within the Carnaby Conservation area but are subtly different environments which in turn evoke a subtly different architectural response.

The design response by RJA has been to not only define the scale and rhythm of the facades based on a contextual approach, but also to develop an architectural language which is vibrant and responds to and enhances the fun and vitality that is at the very heart of this unique area of central London.

The wider, grander and robust nature of Kingly Street has resulted in a bold design as a response to its location.

Foubert’s Place is far smaller in scale to neighbouring Kingly Street, and as such the design of this elevation required a more delicate architectural approach in response to its setting.

Phase 1 of this development started with the redesign of 36 Carnaby Street. The design process started with the introduction of complimentary but contrasting white glazed bricks and coloured mosaic tiles. Each building design is unique yet collectively enhances the vibrancy and brings unity to this thriving and special area.

The redevelopment of Carnaby Court is part of the wider management of the Carnaby estate which Shaftesbury has been undertaking for over 30 years; attracting high quality independent retailers back to the area and making Carnaby Street once again a centre for fashion and design. This has in turn helped to establish a genuine mixed use character to this central location, supporting uses such as cafes and businesses and making it a place where people want to live and work.

4th September 2020