Resolution to grant planning on Red Post Hill

Rolfe Judd Planning has achieved resolution to grant planning from Southwark Council for a bespoke two home scheme in North Dulwich.

The proposed homes are located in the former grounds of a grade II listed house in the local Dulwich Village Conservation Area, which included a number of mature protected trees.

Architects Studio Kyson designed the homes as an elegant, contextual response to this sensitive site, with material choices which reflect the existing colour palette of the area, and simple, irregular geometric forms which make the most of a complex site.

Rupert Litherland said: “This is a great result which shows how quality contemporary architectural proposals can receive planning success on sensitive sites. The thoughtful layout of the project means this area is able to be redeveloped in a positive way, retaining the established landscaping of site and its green setting whilst enhancing the appearance of the conservation area.”