Baitful Futuh Mosque

  • Client: Ahmadiyya Muslim Association
  • Architect: John McAslan + Partners
  • Contacts: Sean Tickle, Tom Lawson
  • LPA: London Borough of Merton
The Baitul Futuh Mosque was the largest Mosque in western Europe. A tragic fire in 2015 destroyed significant elements of the complex, including function halls, offices, residences, and other support functions which significantly impacts usage and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

After the fire which centred around Nazir Hall but also destroyed Noor Hall, the rebuilding of the lost area was necessary to provide for the long-term needs of the complex and the community.

The proposed scheme will replace the lost office accommodation as well as other key ancillary aspects of the site cementing its use within the area. Accessibility around the building will be greatly improved with covered routes for male and female visitors as well as providing accessible routes both horizontally and vertically through the building.

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