Putney River Pier

  • Client: MBNA Thames Clippers
  • Architect: Anthony Carlisle Architects
  • Contacts: Tom Lawson, Nia Jardine
  • LPA: London Borough of Wandsworth
A new river pier, to serve a river bus service, comprised of a two dolphin piles, a fixed bridge, canting brow, bank seat and pontoon, alongside landside works including the integration of the fixed bridge to the Thames Tideway Structure.

The existing Pier was deemed unsuitable, as it fell short of modern access requirements and imposed unsuitably steep access for wheelchair users during substantial periods of the tidal cycle. Access to the existing pier was also regularly restricted during the highest tides when the river path became flooded.

The pier’s connection to the Thames Tideway Structure, which will lie above the floor level is key to reduce the impact on the recreational users of the draw dock. The location of the bankseat is confined due to the presence of the draw dock, Thames Tideway connection culvert and scour apron.

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