We provide clients with rapid expert analysis of the opportunities and constraints future development sites have. By providing a detailed analysis of the risks and opportunities we empower our clients to make informed judgements on site acquisitions and development prospects.


We offer overarching planning consultancy support for a number of major landowners and investors on their extensive property portfolios. This includes strategic planning advice, support for a range of minor and major applications, local policy representations and representations on neighbouring schemes.


We provide a full service with respect to advising on, managing and submitting Planning, Listed Building Consent and Prior Approval applications as well as a range of other applications in order to assist clients’ secure maximum value from their sites. As project coordinators, we assist the client in managing the application process, working with other consultants, negotiating with LPA’s and other statutory authorities – as well as assisting public engagement. This process includes advising clients on CIL contributions, relevant S106 Obligations and planning conditions.


We understand that the construction process is often both complex and long – and that delays on site can lead to significant additional costs for clients. We have extensive experience of managing planning consultancy for on-site delivery, including managing approval of conditions and submission of minor and non-material amendments – ensuring planning matters do not delay the successful delivery of schemes.


We have a strong track record in securing successful appeal decisions on a wide range of projects. This includes for major Public Inquiries, Hearings and Written Representations. We work closely with the client and legal advisers in assessing the best method of appeal and the evidence required to ensure the best prospects of success.


We can assist clients in providing expert witness evidence for Appeals, Tribunals and other legal matters in regard to complex planning issues. We provide objective and comprehensive evidence to support their case by leveraging the experience and expertise of our staff.


We assist clients in presenting detailed evidence at all stages of the Development Plan process in order to maximise the opportunities and values of their sites. This can include site assembly and promotion opportunities, putting the strongest possible case forward for our clients’ sites to come forward at the earliest opportunity. It can include detailed land use policy representations to ensure that flexibility is applied by LPA’s on future schemes.